The HELPline has been launched on the 29th May 2009 aiming to help people in crisis and accepting help from people who offer this.

We operate our helpline in Cluj Napoca taking phone calls every Friday between 3pm-8pm on the following phone number: 0264565656. We started to operate our helpline in Targu-Mures city from November 2011 every Thursday between 3pm-8pm on 0265 555555.

The calls are answered by our volunteers who are lead by team leaders. The office in Cluj Napoca is lead by Lakatos Miszti Bea and in Targu Mures by Sajó Enikő.

Incoming calls are answered by a volunteer; the registration of the data, enquiries is being done by another volunteer and the two are working in pair. At the end of the phone conversation our volunteers are reading short passages from the Bible to encourage people in need.

The incoming enquiries are being treated with high confidentiality.

The enquiries are being answered the latest by next week depending on the nature of the request (medication, food, fixing needed etc.) In Targu-Mures there are enquiries coming in towards to the House maintenance programme, Charity depot and Shelter programmes too.

We are trying to help immediately where we can, many times we would visit the people in need in their homes. We pay attention on the frequency of the call; the requests coming in from the same person weekly we don’t consider as crises anymore and we will try to link in the person with another service that is more suitable for the need of the person.
In most of the cases the phone conversations are followed by home visiting. Our volunteers play a major part in this.

HELPline: The solution is closer than you think!

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