Shelter Room

We are trying to help those people who are ill and their relatives coming from different locations than ours by offering free shelter for a few nights. This accomodation is located at our offices in the city centre of Cluj Napoca and Targu Mures.

This service is free of charge for the first three nights, on the fourth night we charge a symbolical 20Ron/night. The accommodation is well equipped with kitchen, bathroom, wash machine etc.

We are aiming to help those who are ill and who can`t afford paying the additional costs of getting their medical treatment in a different city than their home place.

The booking of the accommodation is finalised by registration on the following numbers: 0720/565656 Targu Mures and 0730/565656 Cluj Napoca. At the check-in you will be asked for a valid ID and we also kindly ask you to fill in a questionnaire to help us grow by making changes as needed. One person can stay a maximum of 3 weeks, also giving the chance for others to avail of this shelter.

Our guests may attend our Bible studies, may get support from us, both emotional or they are free to ask questions related to administration.

Shelter Room: Hospes venit, Christus venit!

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