Transylvanian Community College

The Transylvanian Community College is the newest programme of the Solidaris Association based in Bede, a beautiful village in the Nyárád region of Mures county, 27 km away from Targu Mures city.

We keep an evidence of our incoming calls for our HELPline services. The evidence from these incoming calls will show us that a few sessions of interventions won’t solve a major crisis or a problem caused by social disadvantage. Many times the person in need has a long – term problem and hasn’t got the capacity to get through the difficulty with little help.

The volunteers of the HELPline have agreed that many times the disadvantage is caused by wrong decisions, negative attitude and lack of networking. This has lead us into creating Transylvanian Community College to help people making changes in their lifestyle, in their way of thinking and creating an opportunity to develop their skills. We have started some work in this area back in 2018 and 2019 when we have organised courses to helping people managing their money. Wrong money management has been identified as one of the main causes of poor lifestyle. We would like to focus on the causes of people’s problems and have a positive influence on their decision making.

Target group: adult education for people living in disadvantaged areas both in rural and urban areas.

Schedule: courses starting from the end of May with a frequency of 4-5 weekends/year.

Main topics: information about the law of agricultural procedures held by a lawyer; adoption; the effects of the chemical fertilizers; methods of using herbs correctly etc.

We would also like to host here different camps, workshops, medical tests and folk dance events. The mayor offices and churches of Bede, Szentháromság, Nyárádszentlászló, Nyárádszentbenedek, Nyárádgálfalva és Szentgerice would get invitations and flyers to these events to spread the word out to their communities.

The land for Transylvanian Community College has been bought from incoming donations.

Transylvanian Community College: See you at the pear tree!

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