Free Summer Camp

This programme is designed especially for children aged 6-12 who are not able to attend any summer holidays with their parents due to their poor health or lack of money. Our aim is to remove children from their usual daily routine for a few days and let them meeting new people in a lovely green, rural area.

Initially we have started to organize summer fun days for children in 2009, just after we started running our HELPline programme. The interest of families in this programme has grown, therefore from 2014 on we have increased the number of children being taken to our summer camp.

The summer camp is a great opportunity for the children of Cluj and Targu Mures to build relationships, make new friends and build nice memories together.

The period of the camp is the end of August beginning of September; each year we have chosen a different location so children can explore new places too.

Our newest project in 2020 is building our own summer camp site in Bede, Mures county; this is under ongoing development.

Each summer camp has it`s own topic. In 2019 we gave the following message to children: „You are precious!”

Each year we publish the details of the summer camp in the media. The attendance in the camp is free of charge. The costs of the camp is being covered by donations being given special for this cause.

Free summer camp: Join us and let`s have fun together!

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