House maintanance programme

This programme has been launched on the 1st of October 2019.

This programme is aiming to help those people who need some jobs done around the house. For some elderly people fixing the tap or the door, cutting the grass can be an issue for many reasons: either they can`t find a skilled worker or they can`t afford paying the price for it. It may happen that some elderly people don`t trust to let any unknown worker in their house, because they are afraid that the person may take advantage of them. The house maintanance programme will send a reliable worker to those homes where help is needed.

Cost: there is no cost to it but we are happy to accept any donations as a contribution towards the salary of the skilled worker or even for upgrading our technical toolkit.

How can you avail of this service?
Every Thursday you can ring our HELPline between 15-20 local time, on the 0265 555555 when we register your enquiry and forward to our colleague working at the house maintanance programme. In case of emergency, please, ring the 0741 55 55 55 mobile.

House maintanance programme: Hit the nail right on the head!

Support our house maintanance programme!
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